E-Commerce Development

Make Money OnlineOnline shopping is one of the fastest growing industries in retail. It quickly surpassed catalog sales and has set records and passed milestones as it became a multi-billion dollar industry annually. The big players like Amazon and Ebay are not the only stores profiting from this immense industry.

Is your product or service ideally suited for e-commerce? Is your product lightweight and easy to ship? Does it fill a niche? Is it hard to find locally or there isn't enough of a market locally for traditional brick-and-mortar to make sense? If you are unsure whether your product or service is suited for e-commerce, ask us!.

By 2008, 10% of total US sales will be completed online. Over 63 million US households will shop online in 2008, totalling more than $229 billion in sales in the United States alone!. Forrester Research,Ipsos-Reid, 2003

We focus on results!

Our work is not done until you get the results you need. We work with you every step of the way, from design and development to marketing and promotion, to ensure that your website is a success. We consistently get our clients the results they need, and have succeeded in giving our clients a return on investment in as little as one week!

Is your current e-commerce website not performing?

If you already have an e-commerce site that is not giving you the results you were looking for, don't give up just yet! Often, it is not the product that is not marketable but the way it was marketed (or the way it wasn't marketed).

Many companies spend thousands of dollars building complex e-commerce websites and nothing on marketing and promotion or search engine optimization. They don't test load times or usability.

EleyTech can provide a comprehensive review of your current e-commerce website. We provide information on possible problem areas with recommendations, detailed descriptions and explanations and offer our expert advice on how to proceed. Contact us for more information.

EleyTech has over 4 years experience running an online business. We have built successful online businesses for both small and large companies, ranging from one product to thousands of products. Don't trust your e-commerce needs to a company that has never built an e-commerce website. We have the experience to deliver results.