Website Development

We don't just throw up a website without doing our research. We listen to you (and even take notes) to make sure we build the best website for your company.Are you looking for more than just web design? With so many terms and titles in the industry today, it's hard to know what you're getting with a company. Web designer, web developer, programmer, graphic designer, and interface desginer are just some of the titles floating around. So how do you know what you need and who you've got?

You need a complete website development solution. The design, layout, programming and even style guides should work together to provide your visitors with an easy and intuitive experience. EleyTech offers a complete range of web development and design services.

Experience and Expertise

We offer our clients years of expertise in layout and user interface design. While many designers were used to creating static materials such as bruchures or print ads, we designed software applications. We understand that websites are not static pages, they are interactive programs.

By creating websites that conform to web standards and are easy to navigate, we ensure that the visitors to your website will be able to see your products and order... even if they have a disability such as vision impairment or are not computer-literate!

Project Management

EleyTech has an advanced project management system that tracks the progress of your project step-by-step. Our clients can see where we are every step of the way, from to-do lists and messages to milestones and file management, our online project management system keeps you informed of every detail.

Clients can upload files, post comments and messages, even approve designs right from an easy-to-use website.

What's in a name?

Your domain name is an integral part of your website. It has to be short enough to be memorable. It has to accurately describe your business. It can also help search engine ranking.

EleyTech offers assistance selecting and registering a domain name. Anyone can register a domain, but EleyTech can help you choose the right domnain for your company's website.

Web Standards Compliance

Why is complying with web standards important? To many it's not. However, if you want your website to be visible across all platforms, browsers, and operating systems and be visible even by people with disabilities, web standards are an important part of the development process.

As current web standards are adopted by the next generation Internet browsers, many websites will fail to render pages correctly (or fail to render them at all). Currently, special browsers designed to read web page text to visually impaired cannot read many pages created with Flash, pages that use text as images and pages developed using hundreds of nested tables.

By completely separating style and layout from content, EleyTech can ensure that everyone will be able to see your website's content, regardless of browser, operating system or disability.

For more information on web development services, contact us.